How to Use the Effect of Cumulative Wins to Boost Your Confidence

Hello! Thanks for showing up. I was expecting you, and you’re right on time.

The reason you’re here today is because I want to give you one of my secrets to success and happiness. It’s both simple and incredibly effective.

To set yourself up for this lesson, take a just moment to think about the last time you either did something that you didn’t think was possible for you, or you did something you had never tried before. Think about how good it felt to accomplish that thing.

Call back that small victory in your mind in all its glory. Revel in it! Love it!

Felt great, didn’t it?


For the context of this teaching, we’ll call this small achievement “winning.” That feeling of winning is the basis of what I call “the effect of cumulative wins.”

Here’s how it works:

Every time you “win” (again, meaning either doing something you didn’t think was possible for you or something you never tried before), your confidence level rises a little. So what you can do to raise your confidence level higher and higher over time is this:

Every day do something you think you can’t.

It doesn’t matter how insignificant the task may seem. The important thing is that it must be something that you thought you could not do before or have never tried. Sooner or later, your subconscious mind will register the accumulative effect that being a winner is a daily natural occurrence – your normal state!

You can then go about life with a higher level of confidence.

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